Dance - Fit - Fun!


Classes run term-time only. If you are interested in any of the classes then please contact us for further details and to discuss class options.
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Mondays @ Racquets Fitness Centre - Thame
Time Class Age Duration Teacher
3:00-3:30Pre-School BalletAge 2.1/2-430 minsMiss Becky
3:35-4:20Prep Ballet & FreestyleAge 4-645 minsMiss Becky
4:20-5:05CheerleadingAge 6+45 minsMiss Becky
5:05-5:50Acrobatic ArtsAge 6+45 minsMiss Becky
5:50-6:20FreestyleAge 8+30 minsMiss Becky

Wednesdays @ North Marston Primary School
Time Class Age Duration Teacher
3:20-3:50Tap & BalletAge 4+30 minsMiss Becky
3:50-4:35Acrobatic ArtsAge 5+45 minsMiss Becky
4:35-5:05FreestyleAge 5+30 minsMiss Becky
5:05-5:35CheerleadingAge 6+30 minsMiss Becky
5:35-6:05Tap & BalletAge 8+30 minsMiss Becky

Thursdays @ Church House – Long Crendon
Time Class Age Duration Teacher
2:15-3:00Pre-School Tap & BalletAge 2.1/2-445 minsMiss Becky
4:00-5:00Prep Tap, Ballet & FreestyleAge 4-61 hourMiss Becky
5:00-6:00Primary Tap, Ballet & FreestyleAge 6-71 hourMiss Becky
6:00-7:00Adult Tap18+1 hourMiss Becky
7:00-7:30Jazz11+30 minsMiss Georgie
7:30-8:00Contemporary11+30 minsMiss Georgie