Dance - Fit - Fun!


Baby Ballet

Age 2½ - 4yrs. No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement and miming aswell as learning very basic ballet steps and dances. This class takes the childrens first steps on dancing freely and expressing themselves.


Ages 4yrs+. Freestyle is a class where the pupils will get to express themselves as we cover a wide varity of styles from funky Street Routines to commercial and musical routines. The children get to pick what music they wish to dance to on some occasions aswell as making up a sequence of steps with a partner or a group when they become more confident. They will also be given the opportunity to take Freestyle exams to work up the medals where they will receive certificates and awards.


Age 5yrs+. We hold a number of classes for different ages. This class helps the children learn to work as a team by learning Fun dance routines, Chants, Cheers and Stunts. They will also learn different jumps and basic gymnastic skill. These classes are very fun learning all the different aspects of Cheerleading. The children also have the opportunity to take Cheerleading exams working their way up gaining medals and certificates.



Adults of all ages! This class consists of basic dance and cheerleading movements with everyone working as a team! It will also contain muscle toning and strengthening exercises along with the fun dance routines to burn off those calories!


Adults of all ages! Always wanted to tap dance? here is your chance! A begginers class no previous training needed. We will work through all the basic steps adding more as we progress syncing them all together into a creative routine!

More classes will be added in the very near future!